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Steroid Use

Steroid use has been around since the mid part of the 20th century, but it is still fraught with controversy. At one time, steroid use was acceptable by athletes, and even sanctionedSteroid Use by the US Olympic committee. In fact, during the 1956 Olympic games, the US weight lifting team was encouraged to use a steroid called methandrostenolone that had been developed by Ciba Labs at the behest of the Olympic committee. Prior to this time, the Russian weight lifting team dominated the competition, partly due to the fact that they used testosterone supplementation.

Before you begin any regimen of steroid use, it is imperative that you educate yourself about how to do steroid cycles correctly. If you do, you should be able to achieve maximum cellular saturation with the least possible amount of injected or orally administered steroid use. Steroid cycles promote maximum muscle gain while limiting the occurrence of potentially detrimental side effects. Steroid cycles vary by user-- this is why it is important to consult with an expert before you begin any sort of steroid use. Please inform yourself as to the benefits and side effects of steroids.

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